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Dyslexia profoundly alters the reading and information processing experiences of millions, shaping self-perception and confidence. As a dyslexic individual, expressing myself through writing has been a persistent challenge. From a young age, I recognized that my learning journey differed from that of my peers; while they effortlessly navigated reading, writing, and speaking, I struggled immensely with each of these tasks. Over time, I discovered that although I faced obstacles in reading and writing, I excelled in other areas. Despite the hurdles posed by interpreting written language, art has consistently served as a therapeutic outlet, aiding me in navigating these challenges. Encouragement and support from my parents, teachers, and tutors have been invaluable throughout my journey.

Through my work, I portray my daily journey of overcoming present and past struggles, fostering gratitude for what I have, and embracing my unique perspective. Despite my learning challenges, I've developed courage and determination through my artistic practice and everyday life. 


My artistic process involves manipulating materials and transforming them into a new realm of expression. By using diverse materials like metals, acrylic, paper, ceramics, styrofoam, light, and vinyl, I construct my personal language of letters and symbols. Just as dyslexia has shown me that letters are more than their surface appearances, my sculptures show my unique understanding to explore the intricate relationship between shapes, letters, and sentences. My work echoes the struggles and triumphs of navigating Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome, and ADHD, allowing viewers to engage with language on a multi-sensory level.


Reflecting on my own experience, I appreciate the support I received, recognizing that not all children are as fortunate. For those unfamiliar with the realities of dyslexia, I aspire to convey these frustrations and foster greater understanding. By shedding light on this issue, I hope to contribute to a more supportive society that can provide intervention and accommodation to those in need.

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